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5 featured partners of August

Elrond announcing new partners, or adding new functionalities within to its existing partners, is something that the team has got us used to. Here we play in the big league!

It is quite interesting to observe how all the pieces are coming together. To give a global image of what is already beginning to be a fairly well-defined ecosystem of partners that will be part of the Maiar Exchange architecture, as well as those who will use the Elrond blockchain to function and by doing so bringing benefits for all participants, we have written this article in which we connect the dots to see where we are heading.


Human Protocol, which has just been integrated into Elrond, is a solution to one of the dilemmas that arise with respect to the research and development of educating Artificial Intelligence systems, with which humans have daily contact.

One of the most frequent complaints is that if companies are going to make us train their machines (for example by filling in captchas or indicating how many traffic lights there are in an image), the least they could do is pay us for doing so. At the end of the day it is a job that we are doing for FREE. Human Protocol solves this problem by adding the micropayments option directly from any website where these systems are use

We have received news a few days ago, about the integration of the Effort Economy on the Elrond network. A project that allows you to receive tokens just for playing on APPs, streaming, collaborating with a brand, working on a community project, and so on.

A growing economy on a planet that is experiencing an immense transformation in the way we interact with our economy and our time needs solutions where obtaining cryptocurrencies is increasingly easy and omnipresent.

However, with great transformations there is also something that we cannot distract from, and that is the development of blockchains (computer and economic systems in general) that are sustainable and not energy consuming . This will be in high demand by any nation, institution or company from now on.

It is one thing to be decentralized like Bitcoin, and scalable-programmable like Ethereum, and another not to require absurd amounts of energy to run your mechanism.

Looking ahead to the future, Elrond has developed the first European blockchain with a negative carbon footprint. That is, they have created a giant that consumes the same energy as a smaller company.

We discovered this thanks to the bombshell news of the Offsetra audit that has certified this fact. This will perhaps be more important and relevant as blockchain becomes more mainstream .

With an ecosystem that we already know will be beneficial to our personal portfolios, that will offer economic opportunities far beyond holding, staking and DeFi 2.0 options, and that will do so in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, we are beginning to see some of the pieces of the puzzle, revealing what is to come.

We have also learned that Elrond, in collaboration with MyWish, will offer the possibility of generating smart contracts from scratch. Using redesigned templates to, for example, generate a token, sell it, make an airdrop, design an APP, or even certify your marriage and record it on the blockchain.

Elrond not only offers an economy, but a way to maintain relationships in an intelligent way, whether with a company, client or family, thus facilitating this new blockchain industrial. revolution, it can make its way into everyone’s lives easily and without even knowing you are interacting with it.

Last but not least, ChainBoost will facilitate the incubation of projects from the disruptive new NFT and gaming industry.
We will be able to create something as simply as just a few of clicks (for example to create an NFT). This carries a huge amount of technology behind it, and we need it to be secure.

Elrond will also be able to benefit from the simplified KYC process that offers integration with ChainGuardians through its development platform.

This union began months ago, but now that Maiar Exchange and our fantastic Launchpad are approaching, the details of how amazing it will be are beginning to be a little more sharpened.

We hope this article has made it easier for you to zoom-out to see the whole picture. Putting all the pieces together from all the daily developments, it is clear to see that a new opportunity is being born that promises not to leave anyone behind.

This is only FIVE of the more than 200 partners that Elrond currently has. We have selected them for their relevance being so close to the launch of Maiar Exchange, but if you want to be amazed by and study the project that the team is designing, take a look at the Elrond Partners website.

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