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Use is contagious

Let’s reminisce for a minute. Do you remember when you started using blockchain technology?

Let’s say it’s been a relatively short time since you entered the crypto world. Let’s also say that you downloaded the Maiar application, that you bought some EGLD tokens, you opened a wallet on the Elrond website and you have participated in Maiar DEX in its liquidity pools and farms.

In addition to all that, you have put some EGLD into staking a long time ago and every so often you reinvest the rewards through Maiar or the web wallet. And also you bought your first NFT and you have joined an interesting project within the Elrond ecosystem.

If this is the case, you will have had time to ask yourself: “What if something happens to me, all those funds, what will happen to them?”

Explaining the technology

Most members of the Elrond community have already been in a position to explain all this technology and its benefits to a friend. And you will also have explained it to the wife, husband, children or parents, to a greater or lesser extent

Think about it, in these last few months, how many people have you brought into this universe? And ask yourself this question too, did those people explain it to someone else? The answer is surely yes.

The replicator effect is a logical mathematical question. If we were to transpose the adoption cases on a timeline, adding the variable of the second, third and fourth waves of adoption caused by our initial action, we would see that the adoption curve becomes exponential.


But let’s make the mental exercise a little more interesting and realistic. Imagine that you have shared the $EGLD or #Mission10 hashtag on one of your social networks and that at some point someone reacts to your publication and begins to investigate on their own.

Maybe you also commented to someone at work? Did you talk to someone from your bank about it and was they surprised and interested? Possibly yes. Let’s say that in total you discussed the issue with 10 people directly and that two people were struck by social media. We have a pretty interesting scale of growth there.

Securing transmission

At this point, after having spent a few months managing your accounts and assets, you begin to give true value to what you are guarding. Because yes, at Elrond your keys are your bank. All blockchain users have similar concerns in this regard. 

Now is the time to ask, who are we going to explain to about regaining access to those funds should something happen to you? More importantly perhaps, what they should, or can do with them? 

Suddenly , the scenario is that there will be more people introduced to a deeper understanding of how Staking works, how to operate in DeFi, what to do with the keys or how to recover a Maiar account because we lost our phone.


Necessity makes it inevitable

The reality may be that our own use of the blockchain and tokens at Elrond makes adoption truly INEVITABLE.

The human psyche tends to move towards the mechanisms of conservation and reproduction. We have impulses and instincts that make us want to pass on our legacy so that others can take advantage of it.

I propose to end the mental exercise with this reflection: assuming the scenario posed as realistic (tending to conservative, to be honest), what do you think will happen when all those people you have already started in this world, feel the same transmitting impulse as yours? Big adoption is inevitable. And that’s what the Elrond team and community are working on.

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