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5 featured partners of August

Elrond announcing new partners, or adding new functionalities within to its existing partners, is something that the team has got us used to. Here we play in the big league! It is quite interesting to observe how all the pieces are coming together. To give a global image of what is already beginning to be … Read more


The devnet Maiar Exchange launch has been a real shock to the entire Elrond community (in a good way) . Several members have collected their strategies they wish to use and shared them with all of us. Imagine having the car of your dreams parked at your house (the car would be eGold). And imagine never … Read more

Moonlorian, dApps factory

The Palm Tree Network team, for over 2 years, has been exclusively committed towards the Elrond project. We are 100% focused towards Beniamin Mincu’s and the team’s vision. During this time, Palm Tree has concentrated on two main missions: 1) Contribute towards the security of the Elrond Network via nodes and testnet.2) Help to educate … Read more

How to buy EGLD with Maiar

Egold is the currency (token) of the Elrond Network. A large reserve of value given its scarcity and the scalable growth potential of the blockchain on which it is based. Maiar is the application (you will find it in the PlayStore and AppStore) from Elrond that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies in the simplest, fastest … Read more

MEX · Maiar Exchange

Imagine a world where the only resources that exist are those that you can see and feel. A world of limited resources. A world with a huge population where most do not have access to those few existing resources. Elrond was born to change that paradigm and give the economy superpowers. Elrond’s Maiar Exchange project, … Read more

How to keep the value of your money

Imagine the case of a worker in a town where the financial infrastructure is scarce and its use involves, in addition to a car trip, a series of insufferable bureaucratic procedures in most cases. Perhaps an important part of his economy consists of charging for renovation and construction services, where what he receives he receives … Read more

Elrond’s partners analysis

DeFi is short for decentralized finance that includes digital assets, protocols, interconnected networks, synthetic tokens, smart contracts, and dApps built on blockchain. We can refer to DeFi as the Proof of Stake (PoS) Economy, as we validate it ourselves as users. DeFi means that there are no intermediaries between your money and your operations. more

DeFi 2.0 the New Industrial Revolution

UNIVERSAL VISION OF A MULTI-MILLION OPPORTUNITY Technological advancements have shaped our world. Since the last great technological revolution in the industrial age, nothing, except for the Internet has been able to change our lives so much. We can instantly buy, send and receive emails, make calls, produce videos, create official documentation, etc. However, the financial … Read more