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Your money. Your time. Your future. – The Cultural Hub of Elrond

Introducing Inspire: The Web3 Cultural Hub How have the ways of expressing ourselves creatively changed? From cave paintings to NFTs it has been a long way, and the Internet has had a lot to do with its transformation. Not only in the way of expressing graphic, visual, audio art, but also its origin, ownership, … Read more

ZoidPay and Web 3.0 on Elrond

Raise your hand if you have bought a ticket for a concert, some books or some digital equipment on the internet. With the widespread spread of connectivity thanks to the Internet and portable communication equipment (tablets, smartphones, laptops), the traditional sales format was also adapted to a more immediate model, without have to wait or … Read more

Be prepared in crypto

This may be the article that nobody wants to read, or on the contrary, the one that we all need and should read. Speaking clearly, one day we will die. Now let’s move on to the next point. Once you start having tokens stored in your wallet (, if you have family or people around … Read more


We’ve all started something at some point, and sometimes with so much information available, it’s hard to focus on the basic things that make our journey easier. In this small guide for people who are approaching Elrond for the first time, we present the different web links necessary to be able to move easily through … Read more

Elrond Featured Partners Q4/21 Q1/22

  UTrust –   Elrond has acquired this company to establish Web 3.0 payments . We won’t have to wait any longer to be able to access online services, purchase products and services, paying directly with our crypto wallet. As a way to stimulate and bring more merchants on board (in the first phase of … Read more

Adoption through use

Use is contagious Let’s reminisce for a minute. Do you remember when you started using blockchain technology? Let’s say it’s been a relatively short time since you entered the crypto world. Let’s also say that you downloaded the Maiar application, that you bought some EGLD tokens, you opened a wallet on the Elrond website and … Read more

5 featured partners of August

Elrond announcing new partners, or adding new functionalities within to its existing partners, is something that the team has got us used to. Here we play in the big league! It is quite interesting to observe how all the pieces are coming together. To give a global image of what is already beginning to be … Read more


The devnet Maiar Exchange launch has been a real shock to the entire Elrond community (in a good way) . Several members have collected their strategies they wish to use and shared them with all of us. Imagine having the car of your dreams parked at your house (the car would be eGold). And imagine never … Read more

Moonlorian, dApps factory

The Palm Tree Network team, for over 2 years, has been exclusively committed towards the Elrond project. We are 100% focused towards Beniamin Mincu’s and the team’s vision. During this time, Palm Tree has concentrated on two main missions: 1) Contribute towards the security of the Elrond Network via nodes and testnet.2) Help to educate … Read more