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DeFi 2.0 the New Industrial Revolution


Technological advancements have shaped our world. Since the last great technological revolution in the industrial age, nothing, except for the Internet has been able to change our lives so much.

We can instantly buy, send and receive emails, make calls, produce videos, create official documentation, etc.

However, the financial system has remained surprisingly stagnant in the past. In the age of the Internet, transactions can take days, cost large fees, can be complicated between different countries or, if you find your local branch is closed.

More than 1.7 billion people still lack basic financial infrastructure in the world we live in today.

Around 23% of the world’s population cannot go to an office, cannot store or exchange money, and their life is summarized by trying to work to obtain resources for subsistence.

This is by far the greatest opportunity and the greatest need for improvement. Opening the financial market to a population that, on one hand, does have access to the internet, but on the other does not have access to banking infrastructure, may be the greatest economic opportunity since the revolution that came with the invention of the Internet.

We find that 96.6% of the population has access to a mobile phone. Currently almost 60% of humanity has access to the Internet. And it is expected that in less than 5 years 100% of the population will have access to the Internet.

Most users decide to access the Internet through their mobile phone, making the use of Apps such as Maiar a revolutionary opportunity to access a market where their money will grow exponentially, according to the incorporation additional users to the cryptocurrency system.

By adopting blockchain technology through mobile, States, banks, companies, start-ups and individuals around the world will be able to benefit from financial services:

  • That are faster
  • significantly cheaper
  • efficient 
  • with endless new tools that will increase the value of their money and their time.

Connecting the rest of the unbanked world to this new economic efficiently  through the Internet will be the most effective step in offering them and their families the opportunity for a better life and the means to forge a better future.



The Elrond blockchain is poised to be widely adopted and become the new settlement layer for the global economy, thanks to meeting these necessary criteria:

  • Operates at Internet scale
  • It is globally accessible
  • It is an impressively secure network
  • Offers a simple and pleasant user experience

This is why Elrond’s goal has been to build the backbone for a transparent, high-bandwidth, low-latency, decentralized, and accessible financial system to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The blockchain that Elrond has built is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (fully scalable), with a transaction cost of $ 0.001 and a latency of 6 seconds, and has released a simple and intuitive application called Maiar.

Not content with having built the best network for the new digital economy, Elrond has launched DeFi 2.0, a world full of opportunities that we summarize here.


(Elrond Standard Digital Token)

Stablecoins are tokens whose value is linked to a fiat currency such as the EUR or other assets. They are the simplest and most effective first step to integrate the blockchain utility into the traditional financial system.

The Elrond ecosystem includes many stablecoins such as Binance USD, European stablecoins such as EUR, CHF, SEK, NOK, and DKK, or algorithmic stablecoins from many of our partners. Plus there is much more to come.


Non-fungible tokens are the most reliable digital representations of property. They will come to change everything.

Any digital creation, art, collectibles or games will be unique. NFTs will reshape the digital space, providing true digital media ownership.

Elrond has designed a native NFT standard to take advantage of its performance and speed, making these functions usable at Internet scale. The Elrond NFT standard will also include a built-in royalty rate.


The Launchpad module allows anyone with a new project, innovative and creative ideas, to reach the market, thus being able to obtain financing for their project and launch it directly within the Elrond ecosystem.

The technical advantages of Elrond’s mainnet and the unique properties of eGold tokens, along with our vibrant DeFi ecosystem and one of the most passionate communities in the space, will set the stage for the most effective Launchpads in the blockchain space.


The Automated Market Makers (AMM) are an important advancement that adds efficiency to market liquidity.

Elrond will soon have its own AMM, which will allow the exchange between any asset, at near instantaneous speeds and at an economical cost. Making value flow between different origins and consolidating digital assets and their liquidity.

Through Elrond’s exchange module, anyone will be able to provide group liquidity to generate returns for their service.

Elrond’s Loans

Every efficient financial system relies on borrowing and loans.

The loan module will provide automatic, easy and instant access to financial liquidity.

This will open up a new, more efficient global debt market, effectively matching borrowers to lenders automatically. Users around the world will have the opportunity to access them quickly and inexpensively, while also being able to lend your capital and get a return on it.


Synthetic assets are tokenized financial instruments that simulate the payment of another asset.

Any asset can be digitally represented, fractionally owned, easily transferable, have depth of liquidity and distribution and be accessible globally.

Everything from tokenized Tesla shares to commodities will be available to be traded or backed, via Elrond’s synthetic module.

Elrond’s BRIDGES

Elrond is a highly interoperable blockchain. It is already connected to several chains, and others will soon be through these bridges.

Bridges allow tokens from one blockchain to move to the other, and will soon allow smart contracts on one blockchain to interact with smart contracts on another.

To summarize, through Elrond bridges, you will be able to have and transfer BTC, ETH or any other token from other chains, and transfer them through Elrond’s main network, at the speed of its magnificent network and at the low costs..


Each DeFi component can be seen as an economic engine on its own. Each of them solves multi-million dollar problems that are of global importance. And when you put them all together in one toolkit, they form a digital wheel that enables unprecedented economic growth.

All of this is what Elrond is building with an independent and diverse team, with eGold as its native currency, using a lightning-fast and low-cost network, and with a simple, secure and intuitive mobile application called Maiar.

By extending and making it easier for the next billion people to join this new economy, we will deliver a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.


The era of autonomous banking is here.

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