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We’re close to mainnet launch on Elrond, and the number of projects that get engaged together with Elrond Network grows a good pace. The network itself has been deisgned to ensure that is very easy for every kind of project or company to collaborate or deploy his solutions on elrond network.

The strategy of the team has been always to give added value to all the parties that share the blockchain, investors, validators, developers and business. Remember that the strength of a fair public chain is to have enough parties implied to make the network more secure and durable.

You can see here a Mindmap of the current partnerships, feel free to click and see all the details on it.

Date: April 2020

I’m sure it will be timed out before we think on it.

After mainnet, with the native token, and the network running will be really more easy to engage plenty of developers, wallets, exchanges and other players. It’s really close now.

If you have a project that can collaborate with Elrond Network, contact them, you’ll see that the culture is to help other projects to grow up with elrond together.

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