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Elrond has acquired this company to establish Web 3.0 payments . We won’t have to wait any longer to be able to access online services, purchase products and services, paying directly with our crypto wallet.

As a way to stimulate and bring more merchants on board (in the first phase of launch of uTrust with Elrond alone, more than 400 merchants are already using it) to the Web 3.0 payment network, this service offers a 1% fiat merchant cashback .

Yes, that’s right. Instead of charging sales commissions, uTrust pays the person who makes the sale through its platform 1% of the total price. Buying with your crypto wallet will be as normal as buying with VISA at any online store. 


Knights of

Knights of Cathena is a medieval combat and strategy game that will run on the Elrond blockchain. Unlike other games, KoC uses a play-and-win mechanism instead of play-to-win.

The aim of this type of approach   to not distract the user from their gaming experience meaning they are not just focused on the monetary aspect . Each battle played earns you rewards and NFTs, each item obtained in the game becomes part of your collection in your wallet.

Once you have these items, you can go to the marketplace, to not only buy more items and weapons for your armies, but also sell your collections for real profit.

You will also be able to manage an entire castle where you can welcome your friends, and you will have the possibility of obtaining rewards for the tasks they carry out and making your army more effective and powerful.

Knights of Cathena is a game supported by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. 


Itheum –

This is the first project of the Elrond Incubator located in Dubai.

It is the first platform-metaverse using data that was created to transform our personal data into tradable assets. In each transaction, operation, query, navigation, an army of bots and cookies capture our personal data and trade with it in a market to which the user has no access (or knowledge).

Examples of this are Google, Facebook or any mobile phone company. The arrival of the Web 3.0 is a huge opportunity for the user. Not only because it will offer a world of profitable possibilities in economic terms and greater banking freedom, but because we will have the opportunity to control our own data.

With Web 2.0 our data is collected and sold. Using Web 3.0 -with Itheum’s tools-, no one will act as an intermediary with our data. We will be paid for it each time we use it.

In this way, we will maintain greater control of our privacy and we will not be plundered or exposed to hackers who may harm us by obtaining sensitive user data. 


Litentry –

Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregator that unifies different accounts and their associated assets from different blockchains into a single identity.

Not only that, but its core philosophy is  maintaining the pseudo-anonymity of blockchain networks. This functionality will allow us to display NFT content on all platforms where Lilentry has added its identifier, such as Twitter where we can display our NFT collections or use one of them as a profile picture.

In this way, Elrond users will be able to access Web 3.0 features simply by logging in from their Maiar account. 

 It is a way to overcome the technological barriers of integrating our data in the blockchain in the online world of daily use.



We have left the acquisition of Twispay for the end because we believe that it deserves a special review.

The Web 3.0 use cases that Elrond will bring us will also have applications in the banking world.

As a member of VISA and Mastercard we will have the long-awaited Maiar card which will allow us to operate not just online, but also in traditional stores with a debit card.

We will also have an IBAN available with which we can further expand our capabilities in terms of financial, employment, institutional relationship, etc.

Elrond is thus at the forefront of Banking 3.0 and the fusion of the blockchain with the usual digital transactions of all its members.

We are not talking about a common partner, but a strategic step with which will bring us closer to provide banking coverage to everyone simply with a mobile phone and internet connection.

For everyone, everywhere.

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