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Introducing Inspire: The Web3 Cultural Hub

How have the ways of expressing ourselves creatively changed? From cave paintings to NFTs it has been a long way, and the Internet has had a lot to do with its transformation.

Not only in the way of expressing graphic, visual, audio art, but also its origin, ownership, transfer record, royalties. The arrival of blockchain technology is an evolutionary leap in which artists will be entirely its protagonists.

Across the Elrond Network ecosystem, a thriving and growing community of artists, collectors, and builders have created a new cultural ecosystem fueled by creativity and experimentation with the new tools that both the Elrond team and those creating within it , they are creating.

To further drive Web3 creativity and accelerate the expansion of the ecosystem, Elrond has introduced its cultural hub called Inspire, the ultimate connection point for the entire Elrond NFT space.

As a web-based culture hub that also has various components built into the Maiar app, Inspire has been designed to sit at the core space of the ecosystem.

Expanding the frontiers of NFT

Collecting bits and turning them into human-readable data is harder than most think, but thanks to the ESDT token standard, NFTs are attached directly to accounts instead of being recorded in smart contracts.
Not only does this unique ownership allow us to easily collect all the NFTs that have ever been minted on the Elrond network and display them in one place, it also gives users actual ownership of the assets, which carries further legal and personal implications. powerful.

Ecosystem at a glance

Elrond’s vibrant NFT ecosystem has been built entirely by our passionate community. To solve the problem of fragmentation of users and their liquidity among the ocean of projects and turn it into a real boost for each collection and platform, we are implementing a market aggregator to display all ecosystem market lists on Inspire.

This will transform Inspire into the ultimate connection point for NFT enthusiasts, allowing users to dive into untapped markets, greatly improving the accessibility of each collection, and increasing the reach and influx of resources for ecosystem markets, since the fees from each NFT sale made through the platform will continue to be received by them.

Maiar & Web3

The improvement of the user experience has been able to cross the technological barrier of access to the NFT world and bring blockchain technology closer to people totally unrelated to it. And every day more applications for daily use will be created that will smooth the learning curve for new users.

The social layer built on top of Inspire opens up a world of personalized experiences. Users can customize their Web3 profiles or import them directly from the Maiar app.

By following other collectors or creators, everyone can create a personalized feed and get relevant information by keeping up with what others are doing on Web3, such as mintages, purchases and social interactions.

The whole NFT world at your fingertips in a single APP –

With Maiar’s convenience and security, feature- and functionality-rich experiences make the app the perfect home for on-the-go access to Inspire’s core elements and with them seamless and intuitive access to Inspire, which will enable collectors and artists enjoy a seamless experience.

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