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The devnet Maiar Exchange launch has been a real shock to the entire Elrond community (in a good way) . Several members have collected their strategies they wish to use and shared them with all of us.

Imagine having the car of your dreams parked at your house (the car would be eGold). And imagine never taking it for a drive, keeping it locked and not starting the engine ,never being able to enjoy it. 

Maiar Exchange is that ride in the car of your dreams. Not just any ride, but a whole journey that takes you where you have always wanted to go. 

It is important to know what strategies to use in the Swap, Liquidity Pool and Farming that will be available for all eGold holders in a few days. The difference between learning (or developing) a strategy and carrying it out can be the difference between losing the opportunity of a lifetime to see your value grow, or being one of the privileged users at a unique moment in the emergence of the new DeFi 2.0 economy on the Elrond blockchain.

It is also highly recommended that you follow this guide to familiarize yourself with small missions on Maiar DEX.

Let’s get started! Click on each image to access the strategy you prefer.


Generate LKMEX to fatten the token printers. Buy eGLD with the free MEXs earned each day.


Accumulate as many MEXs as possible over 24 months to generate daily passive income at a good pace. With that daily income, invest in other assets.


To increase our range of pools and see them grow every week, a released MEX printer that grows every week and investment in new pools and LaunchPad with the released MEXs.


Accumulate as many eGLD-LKMEX LP tokens as possible, upon reaching the target (150% APR), use passive income for other purchases according to market moments.


Create a released MEX token printer that you can use at certain market times to purchase eGLD. Put the eGLD that you are buying in your long-term holding bag in staking in Maiar App.

Now that you have at your disposal five different strategies, all focused on making you grow in Elrond, you can access the Elrond Exchange website on devnet to put them into practice, test options, familiarize yourself with the control panel and simulate what your output position will be like when we have DEX on mainnet.

Finally, remember that you have the Telegram channel where you can share with other members of the community your doubts or personal strategies.

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