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MEX · Maiar Exchange

Imagine a world where the only resources that exist are those that you can see and feel. A world of limited resources. A world with a huge population where most do not have access to those few existing resources.

Elrond was born to change that paradigm and give the economy superpowers.

Elrond’s Maiar Exchange project, a simple and intuitive exchange with enormous financial potential, will give millions of people access – without needing anything more than a mobile phone – to a market capable of converting any type of value into something digital , liquid, instant and marketable all over the world.

It will be through the exchange of value that we will see the main change, not in the resources themselves, with the possibility of combining or growing them.

Maiar Exchange is a project designed for everyone, where the community has great strength. This is due to the distribution of the initial incentives – the MEX token that we will talk about next, and for the participation in its governance – the long-term holders of EGLD are an important pillar so that the project can reach everyone.


To attract investors who have their assets in other exchanges, discourage trading for the benefit of other financial options, Elrond has created a first token called MEX (Maiar Exchange) that will be distributed publicly and transparently among the community.

EGLD holders and new investors, have been encouraged to prepare all their assets in the Maiar APP, Elrond’s own wallets or by staking. In this way, together, we will contribute to the long-term solidity of the currency and the project, and we will also be rewarded for collaborating by supporting the Maiar Exchange with our investment.


The way Elrond will determine the amount of MEX each EGLD holder will get is to do a series of random balance snapshots starting on April 19. 52 a week, 7 a day for a year. The balance snapshots of the first 4 weeks will have a weight x5, x4, x3 and x2 compared to all the others.

This way we will ensure that whoever wants to receive a good distribution of MEX tokens will have their EGLD in their wallet, and in this way guarantee the strength of the project.

Maiar Exchange will go live on April 30 in its web version. From then on, it will be integrated into the Maiar APP.
We are witnessing the birth of a new form of economy. And this is just the beginning . Let’s get ready for true hypergrowth.

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