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Moonlorian, dApps factory

The Palm Tree Network team, for over 2 years, has been exclusively committed towards the Elrond project. We are 100% focused towards Beniamin Mincu’s and the team’s vision.

During this time, Palm Tree has concentrated on two main missions:

1) Contribute towards the security of the Elrond Network via nodes and testnet.
2) Help to educate thousands of new users into Elrond & Maiar ecosystem.

Since we started, the ecosystem has grown, with new possibilities to add value to users and companies have arisen.

Now the Elrond Network is ready to add value to companies that want to integrate blockchain solutions as a part of their model, we decided to back a new Start Up, Moonlorian, creating a third mission:
3) Build decentralized apps for companies using Elrond network framework.

With an exclusive team employing experts in management and development related software projects, they have plenty of experience with business integrations using both Microsoft and SalesForce. Palm Tree partners will become part of the advisory board of Moonlorian.

Creating a separate company we ensure that the business plan is 100% focused on building dApps using Elrond Network.

About Moonlorian:

Moonlorian is an Elrond Network integrator, offering Business Transformation Consultancy, Software Development and Staking Providing .

Trusted to transform businesses, aid with development and processes, as well as growing communities within this new innovative economical era. This is why Moonlorian is becoming the service partner of the Elrond Network. Developing the full project lifecycle.

Message from its founder:

We have worked continously on Elrond Network since Binance launched it in June 2019, we have taken part in all the Battle Of Nodes events, helping the public test where over 260,000 tps was achieved.
We have been MainNet validators since launch, and our nodes have not rested a single day since July 30, 2020. We are also contributing on the TestNet blockchain, in order to secure the network.
We are software integrators, with over 15 years experience between us working with large companies. Now, we are bringing our experience to the Elrond Network community, offering Moonlorian services, consulting and developing distributed blockchain applications.
In June 2021, we continued securing the network by transferring our private nodes to Moonlorian staking provider and accepting delegated EGLD.

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