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We just published on our web a complete guide of more than 10 chapters that will help you to setup Zabbix + Grafana with your Elrond Network nodes. This of course is totally free.

This guide is like a tour, you will learn from zero how to setup everything up to have a nice dashboard to look at your most interesting metrics and receive alerts on your phone if something went wrong with the health of your nodes.

We have selected Zabbix and Grafana because they are mature products that do their job well, and compliment each other. We also use the plugin of Arcsoft to customize Zabbix with elrond metrics.

If you don’t have any knowledge about this field, it will take you around 15 minutes each chapter. We recommend you to read 2-3 chapters every day, in order to keep the new knowledge fresh in your mind.


  1. Zabbix Introduction

  2. Zabbix Server Installation

  3. Zabbix Agent Installation

  4. Zabbix Interface & Glossary

  5. Your First Data Streams

  6. Zabbix Triggers

  7. Zabbix email notifications

  8. Zabbix telegram notifications

  9. Elrond network Metrics

  10. Grafana integration

  11. Elrond Dashboard example

Enjoy the guide and feel free to ask on Elrond Validators Telegram

This post is oriented to Elrond Investors, for Validators we recommend to review this process on Elrond Validators Telegram Channel

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