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We’ve all started something at some point, and sometimes with so much information available, it’s hard to focus on the basic things that make our journey easier.

In this small guide for people who are approaching Elrond for the first time, we present the different web links necessary to be able to move easily through the basic ecosystem.

Are you new to Elrond and don’t know where to start? Take note of some addresses of interest and follow these steps.

Open a wallet –

The first thing we will need is to have a wallet in Elrond. We will use it for many things. Go to this address to open it. Be sure to write down your secret words well.

Buy EGLD –

We are now going to buy our first EGLD tokens. Go to the Elrond purchase page where you will have different options to do so.

Now if you want, head back to your wallet at the first address you noted down. We are going to stake our EGLD in order to receive rewards and generate compound interest.

Maiar Exchange –

You also have at your fingertips the Maiar Exchange website where you can familiarize yourself with Elrond’s decentralized economy through its swap, liquidity pools and farming.

Maiar Launchpad –

Maiar Launchpad, where you can be part of launching spectacular projects in partnership with Elrond.

Maiar APP –

The Maiar APP that you can use to buy EGLD, receive and store NFT, use your WalletConnect to connect with other platforms and many opportunities for merchants thanks to the Web 3.0 tools that Elrond has launched.

Remember to generate and reserve your herotag, as well as that you can use Maiar as a wallet for different tokens.

Fast and easy. You have just learned several of the most important functions of Elrond already at your fingertips.

Welcome to the economy for everyone, everywhere.


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