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Zabbix & Elrond Guide

This guide has been created to help Elrond Validators monitor their nodes with the open source solution Zabbix.

It’s divided in different sections, designed to learn from 0 to 100, but you can move freely between sections if you know Zabbix or are interested in a particular section.

*Every validator should consider using Zabbix or other monitoring solutions on market. The metrics to monitor and notifications setup is something that must be customized by everyone.

Zabbix Introduction

Learn about Zabbix monitoring system and its main components to better understand before you use it.

Zabbix Server Installation

Learn how to install a zabbix server 4.4 and his components on a ubuntu 18.04 vps.

Zabbix Agent Installation

Learn how to install the agent on every server(host) that you want to monitor.

Zabbix Interface & Glossary

A first look at the front-end interface of your new Zabbix Server

Your first data streams

Learn the basics about how to configure items, triggers, graphs and templates.

Zabbix Triggers

Discover more in detail how to edit a trigger and see his alerts on the dashboard

Zabbix email notifications

Learn how to receive notifications by email and first setup to try it.

Zabbix telegram notifications

Learn how to receive notifications in your telegram app creating your own Telegram BoT

Zabbix Elrond Network Metrics
Learn how to install a template to have the main detail metrics of a node
Zabbix and Grafana integration

Learn how to connect Zabbix datasource with Grafana to create new and awesome Dashboards in Grafana

Elrond Dashboard example

Learn how to import a template on Grafana and play around with it