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ZoidPay and Web 3.0 on Elrond

Raise your hand if you have bought a ticket for a concert, some books or some digital equipment on the internet.

With the widespread spread of connectivity thanks to the Internet and portable communication equipment (tablets, smartphones, laptops), the traditional sales format was also adapted to a more immediate model, without have to wait or traveling.

The irruption of blockchain technology -every day more mature and developed- is opening a new digital silk road that, like the classic Internet, will be unstoppable.

While the bulk of the population has not yet been introduced to blockchain, those who are already part of the advancement of early-adopter users are already beginning to learn about the facilities and benefits of its use applied not only to decentralized finance, but also to the traditional commerce.

Evolution of online purchases before Covid

The current figures for the percentage of online purchases-sales have been exponentially increased during and after Covid. There is a growing trend that, together with the incentive to use online checking accounts and payments by card or mobile phone, is causing an avalanche of options for online payments and in daily life.

The implementation of cryptocurrency payments with platforms such as uTrust are already a reality on many online sales pages.

But now comes a direct option for the end user. Not for the seller (although it also includes that option).

ZoidPay arrives

You can start by installing the ZoidPay extension in your Chrome browser and start setting up your account in just a few clicks.

You can also download the APP with which you will have access to a crypto wallet in addition to other options.

In addition to that, they have an extensive and active community that you can find on all these social networks.


If ZoidPay has not yet managed to capture your attention, let us tell you that they are Elrond partners and that both their $ZPAY token will operate on Elrond and their VISA cards support $EGLD so that any user can use their tokens or their staking rewards to online shopping.

Web 3.0 is now

Things happen very quickly. The projects we talk about for weeks are accomplished before we know it. And the payment network and the use of traditional banking services (debit card among others) linked to the blockchain is one of them.

You don’t have to wait for tomorrow. Not at the end of the year. Reality is changing daily in front of our eyes.

Integration and Adoption

In addition to everything mentioned, ZoidPay is a solid developer with DeFi innovation projects, they offer staking of their token and they have an ambitious and interesting roadmap for 2022.

We invite you to take a tour on their website and start enjoying their services +

And don’t miss out on the latest advances from Elrond that are constantly posted on the blog +

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